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Moving walk of Hanlim Elevator provides excellent safety, comfortable riding and effective utilization of space. By smoothly connecting the slop area and horizontal area, it is suitable for big-scale public transportation facility, culture and sports facility, airport terminal, subway connection path and department stores with lots of walking passengers, providing satisfaction and convenience to the users and customers.
Convenient maintenance, high firmness, comfort and safety, remarkable energy-saving, variety of choices, nonflammable rubber belt, convenience of installation in existing building.
Full-automatic energy control system detects the loading capacity and operation speed of moving walk, realizing highest operation control and energy saving of 30%.
Operation switch / Lower part repair safety switch / Emergency stop button and buzzer / Magnetic brake / Ideal speed safety device / Overload protection relay / Handrail guard switch / Com-plate safety switch / Failure indicator / Belt tension regulator / Skirt switch / Operation chain safety device / Step safety device / Handrail tension regulator