1. Open slope angle 30 of elevator path for installation of structure
2. Ensure pit depth over 1500
3. Ensure depth of machine room(upper pit) over 2500 x 3200
4. Ensure space of elevator path over: height 4550 x width 1800
5. Install ladder for inspection in pit of elevator path, and install
    water service path in consideration of water leakage and
6. Lay down cast-in-channel in concrete to ensure fixed strength of
1. Mark out and finish elevator path
2. Elevator path roof work (external)
3. Install exhaust grill on top and air inlet on the bottom for ventilation at elevator path.
4. Install entrance door and attach safety device on the side of elevator path for easy cleaning, if
    finishing materials of elevator path are glass finishing and transparent material finishing.
5. Light-shield facility to avoid direct rays of light, if elevator path on the ground is a transparent type.
6. Inside the machine room is moist-proof, fireproof or fire-resistant structure.
7. Install Open Hole(300 x 300) on the top for exhaust fan for ventilation at machine room and door
    louver (500 x 300) for air inlet
8. Install raised block for the blind.
1. Removal of obstacles for ducts, piping and wire works, repair and finishing works.
2 Power incoming and grounding works to power incoming panel inside the machine room electricity
    power 10KW.
3. Install electric outlet and lighting for works at machine room and elevator path - Single phase 2KW.
1. Install CCTV and monitor recording devices around the entrance of elevator.
2. Piping and wiring from entrance to utility service office and control panel at machine room for
3. Piping and wiring for monitoring to utility service office and control panel at machine room for
1. Install monitoring panel for elevator at utility service office or disaster protection office
2. Install rescue operation device(A.R.D) which immediately rescues passengers at the time of
    blackout or emergency