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Rated speed 30~90m/min
Applicable floo Up to the 20th floor
Operating type Bottom rear driving type
Evergy-saving function with
a synchronous motor
Adds space and allows
    one more floor to be built
Allows a view of the beautiful
    skyline on the floor
Shortens the construction period
    and reduces the construction cost
Quiet and comfortale lift
Clean and environment friendly
Since it embeds in elevator such devices as hoist, control panel and speed controller which were installed inside machine room, it saves floor space, implements optimal space efficiency, designs skyline of building rooftop and freely place elevator path.
1. Skyline proves its beauty. 2. Location of elevator path is not limited.
It is the state-of-the-art elevator that can improve degree of freedom in construction design, since it can flexibly cope with constraints regarding residential areas specified in construction law, as well as constraints regarding height of building.
1. Since machine room is not required, one story can be added in the building with same height.
Existing rope type SPACE SAVER
2. Can utilize the southern part of sites.
Existing rope type SPACE SAVER
Can save annual electricity cost 30% since it lowers the power consumption and power equipment capacity to 7/10th of existing rope type elevator using permanent magnetic type synchronous motor.
Can save construction cost and shorten construction period since it does not require partial construction or installation cost related to pent house or machine room.
(Structure construction at machine room, construction of bottom hole at machine room, cynder concrete placing and finishing work, construction of electric outlet for inspection at machine room, incoming panel work at machine room are not required at all)
Can provide quiet and comfortable riding with motor control technique(VVVF) and gearless machine applied with permanent magnetic type synchronous motor with good responsiveness.
Since it does not require gear oil which was inevitable in general elevator, there is no problem of oil leakage and disposal of waste oil. It can be regarded as an environment-friendly product.