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AC-VVVF is a commercial elevator for house and commercial building with low and middle story. Provides accurate control of motor speed as well as comfort riding, prompt response time and accurate concept.
AC-VVVF has high degree of confidence and efficiency and the range of speed is 45-105M/MIN.

PWM pattern is the heart of AC-VVVF CONTROL and control the frequency for AC motor and alternating current at the same time, ensuring that it can reach computerized ideal speed curve.
PWM pattern guarantees soft driving regardless of deviation of passenger load at the time of acceleration and deceleration.


High efficiency can be obtained through high performance MICRO COMPUTER connected with VF INVERTER CONTROL SYSTEM. This controls frequency modulation from 0 to the regulated value, minimize response power and generation of heat at the motor, resulting in enhanced efficiency.


SWITCHING ELEMENTS, embedded in inverter, raise the cycle of switching and lower the noise, beyond your imagination on design.