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Rated speed 45~105m/min
Applicable floor Up to the 20 th floor
Operating type AEGD UVDF
Product features 『 Excellent riding comfort,
     accurate landing
『 Inverter driving type uses a
     digital signal-processing
『 Small control panel
『 Reduction of construction
     and maintenance costs
Rated speed 30~15m/min
Applicable floor Up to the 6th floor
Operation type AC-1
Product features 『 Buildings with maximum
     and efficient use of space
『 Stair Well or External
     Wall Climber
『 Building that do not have a
     secure stair wall or external wall
     climber for machine room space
『 Reduction of construction
     and maintenance costs
* Hanlim's hydraulic elevator is suitable for low-story
  buildings because it requires less construction space
  compared to the general rope-type elevator.
Passenger elevator requires less space for installation of elevator path and less cost for construction. In addition, it is free to select the location of machine room and is safe since it goes down to the lowest level at the time of blackout.
Small elevator for home and has simple design of European style. Installed in low-story building with less than 6 stories and houses and used for the senior citizens and the disabled. It is featured to require short period for installation and simple construction method
Observatory elevator should be carefully designed, planned and installed by elevator designer as well as installer, in consideration of the factors such as features of elevator and special conditions to be reflected in terms of building.