It is free to select the location of machine room and is safe since it goes down to
the lowest level at the time of blackout.

Hospital elevator is manufactured for convenience and safety of patients and passengers.


Since machine room is not installed in
upper part of building, it is very beneficial
for construction design and improves efficiency of operation, comfortable riding.

Rope type elevator enables high-speed driving and guarantees the best safety with various safety devices, allowing prompt and convenient use.

This type of dumb waiter is conveniently and safely used to transport food and beverages as well as kitchen utensils in hotel restaurants.

Since it embeds in elevator such devices as hoist, control panel and speed controller which were installed inside machine room, it saves floor space,

Moving walk of Hanlim Elevator provides excellent safety, comfortable riding and effective utilization of space.

Vertical and horizontal transportation means which provide high reliability and safety as well as easy maintenance.