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Importance of Safety Inspection Daily Inspection Checklists
Check Operation Status Inspect Safety Devices
Daily Inspection of Elevator through User Inconvenience Report Card
Importance of Safety Inspection
Safe operation of platform
Platform operation manager protects the life of elevator users and guarantees safe operation of elevator through daily inspection.
Maintain quality of elevator
Daily inspection allows maintenance and demonstration of its full capacity.
Extend service life of elevator
Play a role in using the elevator in proper quality status for given service life and preventing the fault in advance.
Promotion of user's convenience
Check inconvenience through daily inspection and take a proper action so as to use elevator conveniently and safely at all times.
Daily Inspection Checklists
Check operation status
Check whether elevator has a problem in performing ordinary functions.
Check safety device
Check the function that directly affects the operation and functions that can be checked outside among safety devices of elevator.
Check performance
Check whether elevator operates while maintaining its regular features.
Check Operation Status
Operation of Platform Call Button
Call button is to call the elevator at the platform and to get on the elevator.
Is it turned on when the call button is pressed?
Does the elevator arrive and is the call button turned off?
The call button in same direction as the moving of elevator should be turned off and the call button in the reverse direction should be turned on.
Status of Display Device
Display floor
Display operation direction
Check lighting of hall lantern
Check operation of other display devices required for operation
Operation of button inside the car
Operation button of car
Check door open button of car
Check interphone button of car
Door device
Check open operation of door
Check close operation of door
Inspect Safety Devices
Safety Shoe
Located between car door and platform door, safety shoe(close safety device) detects whether an object is caught in a door when the door is closed, and opens the door again if an object is caught.
Safety shoe is one of critical safety devices of elevator and its operation should be reliable.
- Closing of door immediately stops when door close device is pressed.
- Opening of door immediately stops when closing stops.
- Reaction force of pressure bar should be proper
Door Open Button
Door open button in the car is a safety switch that forcefully opens the door that is closed or being closed.
This open button should be able to open the door anytime if the door is closed, except when the elevator is in operation.
If pressing Door Open button while the door is closed, door closing immediately stops and returns to opening.
Door should not open even if door open button is pressed while elevator is in operation.
Door should not open even if door open button is pressed while it stops at the position except the door zone.
Reopen platform call button
It plays a same role as door open button in the car and the call button in the direction same as moving of elevator has a function to forcefully open the elevator door.
Door stops closing and starts opening if the platform call button is pressed while elevator door is closed. Provided, however, that it is applied to only call button in the direction same as the operation of elevator.
Lock device of manual operation panel
Manual operation panel has several operation switch and may cause risk of accident if it is wrongly operated by general users. Make sure to lock it always so that general user cannot use it.
If necessary, open manual operation panel and make sure to close the cover and leave elevator immediately.
Interphone is one of critical safety devices that communicate outside if the passenger is closed in the elevator. This interphone should be used to allow communication to the place where manager resides.
Interphone should be checked everyday in terms of operation to guarantee its use when the passenger is locked inside.
Interphone is installed in the apartment houses, but manager may not receive interphone call frequently. In this case, it is desirable to install buzzer and alarm light that may operate due to the emergency contact button in the position where people can recognize easily with easy access.
Lock device of machine room
Machine room should be thoroughly managed to prevent access of anyone except the person in charge since machine room can be used to perform operation of emergency stop, stop between floors and forceful falling-down of elevator in use.
Recently, computer type elevators are used more and more, causing more cases of thefts of electronic circuit board used in control panel of machine room. Role of lock device is unexpectedly important since it may cause loss of property as well as inconvenience of users.
Daily Inspection of Elevator through User
Since managers, repairers or operation manager may have limit in maintenance of elevator in terms of time and space, it is not that easy to identify and correct all inconveniences that the user of elevator may fee. In fact, it is most effective for actual users to identify the inconveniences for best management of elevator.
Inconvenience Report Card
Typically, there have been no means to report the fault or inconvenience of elevator.
It is the users who identify and recognize the problem of elevator. It is particularly true to the apartment house.
It is most desirable to prepare inconvenience report cards inside elevator or at the 1st floor platform so that users may fill it out and submit it to the guardroom. In this way, inconvenience of users can be minimized as much as possible.
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